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´╗┐Great Yarmouth students' science lesson goes off with a bang after rocket launch

a range of science based careers including geology, sports physiotherapy, applications of maths in science and robotics.

Great Yarmouth High School students taking part in National Science and Engineering Week by building powerful bottle rockets and launching them. James Bass

Wendy Miller, pastoral manager for Year 7, said: "I have never seen the pupils so engaged and focussed on an activity in school. It is just amazing."

Year 9 students will complete a community garden challenge.

Converse Pink And Black

Converse Pink And Black

Students also took part in a workshop on preparing for university life, which made many reconsider remaining in full time study after college.

Converse Pink And Black

Converse Pink And Black

Pupils began by taking part in talks and a question and answer session, which covered rockets and space travel, before hunkering down to design their own spacecraft, which were all equipped with parachutes to bring them safely back down to Earth.

Converse Pink And Black

And the science fun will continue on Thursday when Year 8 pupils will spend time with staff and animals from Banham Zoo, learning about animal husbandry and careers based in this field, and on Friday when Converse Low Black Leather

They were then joined by Converse High Tops Australia Cheap

Converse Pink And Black

Converse Pink And Black

parents in Beaconsfield Park for the grand launch.

The week of activities began on Thursday when Year 10 students spent the day working with scientists at the University of East Anglia, sampling Converse Purple Suede

Year 7 students spent the day building their sleek looking craft before heading outside for blast off with some racing to more than 1,000 feet in the air.

The excited pupils spent the day with Starchasers, a national organisation that runs education programmes in schools, which brought a life sized retired space rocket along as part of the activities.

The project will see pupils design their own gardens applying a range of scientific concepts and will earn them a Crest Discovery Award, Converse Pink And Black presented by the British Science Association.

Converse Pink And Black

Converse Pink And Black

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