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"We have to start wherever we can start and start now. If it's starting with emissions testing I'm all for it," Worth said. "I have several cars, both for my business and personally.

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During a public hearing on the issue one after another told the Converse Jack Purcell Leather White

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Randy Worth, who along with his wife owns the Straw Ibis and Crumb Brothers, said people want to do business where the air is good. He Converse Pink Glitter said there are a lot of things we all can do to help and we should be willing to do what we can.

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If we use the same 12ug/m3 measurement cited,many of our homes are more dangerous than the outside air. Since the standard was changed in December of 2012 from 15 to 12 we will have less "good" air days as a result of the change. Just like what happened in 2006 the problem is nearly solved when new research demonstrates the pm2.5 problem is more dangerous than before. This is a repeating pattern that should result in less of a concern about pm2.5.

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The problem with emissions is that there is no way of measuring the result of testing since it is very small compared to technology that makes the larger difference. That makes emissions testing a warm fuzzy and a waste of time and money.

Worth also said that he is glad his son is attending school out of state right now because he is away from the bad air.

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Several of the people making comments at the public hearing were wearing masks and testified that Logan has had only nine good air days out of 52 for pollutant PM2.5, one of the most harmful polutants in the air.

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After the rally, the group went inside to be present during the Cache County Council meeting discussion about emissions testing. Until now, the council has resisted implementing a vehicle emission testing program but plans are going forward now to get a program in place.

degrading to another person.

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´╗┐Group rallies for cleaner Cache Valley air

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council it is time to implement a vehicle emissions testing program. Council chairman Val Potter told those attending that such a program needs to be approved by the Utah legislature first.

The county did not vote on the issue Tuesday. The council is currently waiting on legislation from the state that may affect how communities implement a testing program. The council is expected to adopt the ordinance at their next meeting on Tuesday, March 12.

"I'm willing to do that emissions testing and do my part, pay my part of it. I know it may not do much, but it will be something and it will be a start."

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