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He had highlighted the cost of the elected mayor's salary at least 50,000 and the expense of holding a referendum and any future mayoral election at a time of Converse Pumps Heels economic hardship.

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He had also said the loss of the ceremonial mayor's position, with its tradition and role Converse White Leather High Tops With Straps

parties were opposed to it, nationally, Labour introduced elected mayors and the Tories are pressing ahead with introducing them in other towns and cities."

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and history.

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He said he was confident the system would have worked well in Yarmouth.

He said: "I still think bringing in an elected mayor is the way forward to reinvigorate local politics and the low turnout in this election demonstrates the need for that.

Michael Castle, who has led the campaign for an elected mayor, which started with the raising of a 3,500 signature petition to trigger the referendum, described the 10,000 yes votes as a "creditable total".

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in promoting charities and the work of voluntary groups, would have been a terrible shame.

"Although both local Converse Navy Leather

Outgoing council leader Barry Coleman, selected to become the next ceremonial mayor later this month, had led the campaign for a no vote.

´╗┐Great Yarmouth rejects elected mayor

Louds cheers from people sporting both blue and red rosettes rang round Yarmouth Town Hall this afternoon as returning officer Richard Packham announced the results of the referendum: 15,595 no votes to 10,051 yes votes with 291 spoiled ballot papers.

Following today's verdict, he said: "I am absolutely delighted with the result which shows the importance people attach to the town's heritage Converse Shoes For Girls High Cut Black

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Borough mayor Michael Jeal was prominent among those clapping the decisive rejection of an elected mayor, a change that would have seen the ceremonial position held by him disappear.

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