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There's Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg, who wrote stoner bromances Superbad and Pineapple Express.

Converse Rainbow High Tops

Converse Rainbow High Tops

LOS ANGELES People, even nerds, hurt those closest to them.

Converse Rainbow High Tops

Converse Rainbow High Tops

That didn't interest us in any way. We wanted to inject our own sensibilities to it and our own sense of humour and what we love about comic books and superheroes ourselves."

the crime fighting crusader The Green Hornet.


Converse Rainbow High Tops

Converse Rainbow High Tops

Converse Rainbow High Tops

of photography) and say, 'I want to shoot this' and six months later, you have the origin story of most super heroes.

"I see a lot of these comic book movies and you almost feel like anyone could pick up the first few editions of the comic book and take it to a (director Converse White Low Cut On Feet

Converse Rainbow High Tops

There's Moritz, whose most lucrative franchise is The Fast and the Furious. And there's director Michel Gondry, the French surrealist responsible for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Converse Rainbow High Tops

Given that, how did they avoid crossing into parody? Frankly, Rogen doesn't completely sound sure they did.

As Moritz candidly puts it, "How could this combination come up with something?" More worrisome for studio executives? That most of the public and certainly the film's target audience doesn't know The Green Hornet from Green Lantern. Turns out, this suits Rogen just fine.

´╗┐Green Hornet walks Converse Rainbow High Tops a fine line

Rogen, as he makes clear, is a fanboy himself, having grown up in Vancouver reading comics. Nevertheless, when the Comic Con crowd heard the 28 year old was going to cowrite and star in a Hornet film, they twist tied their suspenders into knots not seen since Michael Keaton was cast as Batman.

"All the turmoil we've had, and we've had plenty, ultimately we stuck together and made the movie we wanted to make," says producer Neil Moritz, who acknowledges the filmmaking team is an unusual one.

"It's a hard rule to articulate. There was no like, 'As soon as this happens, we've crossed the line.' You should just be aware that, in general, the comedy should come from the characters and it should feel real and we shouldn't be funny for the sake of being Converse Uk Mens Sale

Converse Rainbow High Tops

Which probably explains the hostility directed at Seth Rogen when it was announced he would star as Converse Shoes On Women

Thus the movie, in which Rogen's billionaire playboy decides to dress up as a superhero for no other reason than he's bored, aims to "dance on the line between being a comic book movie and commenting on a comic book movie," he explains. "To us, the simple thought was, 'Who's the guy most likely to become a superhero? Probably someone who reads comic books and is a comic book fan or is aware of them.' "

Converse Rainbow High Tops

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