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Commission member Danny Mills insists that the plans are being backed by a 'majority' of clubs.

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The Football League said there was no "acceptable solution" in the Commission's report while England's record goalscorer Gary Lineker described the B team idea as "nonsense" and the Football Supporters' Federation expressed outrage it was not consulted.

Create a new 'League Three' in 2016 17 consisting of 10 Premier League B teams plus 10 other clubs coming from the Conference.

"Will all of them take up that opportunity? Not necessarily, but they all support it on its merits for what it brings to their development system.

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Clubs allowed to form 'strategic loan partnerships' with up to two lower league clubs, loaning them up to eight players all of whom would need to be under the age of 22 and homegrown.

"In this instance, its finally time for the 72 FL chairmen most importantly our Chairman GC (Greg Clarke) to be strong to ensure this doesn't happen."

´╗┐Greg Dyke says Premier League and Football League will back 'B' team plans

increase the number of home grown players in squads and encourage special loan relationships between clubs.

Converse Red And Black

Increase the number of homegrown players in squads so that 13 out of the 25 players are homegrown by 2021, with at least four of these having come through the club's youth system.

League chose not to. When I met them last week they said 'why didn't you consult us?' and we said we did consult your members and secondly we wanted you on this, to be part of it.

B team squads should have no more than 25 players, with 19 of these under 21. Twenty of the 25 should qualify under the homegrown rule and no non EU players will be allowed.

However, the most hotly debated point was Dyke's hope for a new League Three to be launched by 2016, which would be made up of ten teams from the current Conference and ten 'B' teams from Premier League clubs.

A cap on two non EU players per Premier League squad, no players on overseas visas allowed to play below the Premier League, nor loaned to any other club in England.

having evolved over 100 years.

Converse Red And Black

team scenario It's all about ME,ME ME from the FA/Prem to hell with the rest of you. Cant be allowed to happen!

Dyke revealed that the Premier League were not happy about not being 'consulted' on the plans.

Converse Red And Black

Amongst the proposals were plans to overhaul the work permit system, Converse Shoes For Women Low Tops

"You might have six, 10, 12 or 14 (teams) that choose with the criteria that will be put in place to have a B team."

Converse Red And Black

"Let's remember we invited the Premier League to sit on this and the Premier

Converse Red And Black

A Football Conference statement said: "The English pyramid system is unique, Converse Dainty Ox Navy 5.5

But the plans have met with resistance with Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony reacted on Twitter saying: "My thoughts on this B Converse Youth

Converse Red And Black

"I don't think that will happen," said Dyke. "Do I think every bit of this will happen no, do I think a lot of it will yes. You have to distinguish sometimes between the leagues and the clubs."

"It has supported the growth of football into a league system that has become the envy of the world. It is important in these proposals to remember the heritage of the English game."

As part of the plans, Dyke announced that Premier League clubs should fund a 'significant' financial settlement to clubs in the lower divisions to ensure they do not lose out financially from the proposed reorganisation.

Accrington Stanley stated sarcastically: "In 2016/17 we can achieve our dream. We'll finally be able to play Stoke City Reserves in the Football League."

"The majority of Premier League clubs want B Converse Red And Black teams. That is their favoured option," Mills told Sky Sports News.

Converse Red And Black

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