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"I'm very keen to try and run but ultimately I have to jump because that's my bread and butter and that's my career, and coming back from injuries it puts every notion of it on the back burner.

assured of his place in the squad this week ahead of Converse High Tops Womens Grey

"A bit of the pressure has been lifted from me and pushed on to (Aleksander) Menkov given that he's been jumping incredibly all year and he has a major championships in his own country.

Converse Rubber Shoes For Women

The surprise Olympic champion has been battling a hamstring injury and was only Converse Leather White High Tops

Converse Rubber Shoes For Women

Greg Rutherford feels he can put his injury troubles behind him and win a long jump medal at the World Championships in Moscow.

aren't going to start punching me because I'd start to fall like a stack of spuds, but trying to time my arms a bit I think I can see something working into the long jump," he said. "It's an interesting approach, it's something different to try."

Converse Rubber Shoes For Women

Although he knows his preparation has been nothing like ideal, Rutherford feels he has become Converse Rubber Shoes For Women a 'big game performer' and hopes he can at least make the podium later this month.

"I think (my rivals) stick a target on my back and they like the idea of trying to beat me.

Converse Rubber Shoes For Women

Converse Rubber Shoes For Women

"I'm not going to start punching people and people Converse Shoes With Heels

´╗┐Greg Rutherford hopes to surprise again at World Championships

Converse Rubber Shoes For Women

Converse Rubber Shoes For Women

Converse Rubber Shoes For Women

"In terms of people taking drugs within the sport as long as people are getting tested around the world hopefully we'll whittle out the people who are cheating. As much as a few high people have dropped it's a very small percentage. I'd like to think a lot of people out there are legal and doing the right way."

But he admitted there could be a change of discipline in his future as he mulls over a move to the sprint ranks amid all the talk of drug tainted performances in that sphere.

Rutherford has experimented with boxing to try and work on his arm movements and he hopes that will help his technique.

Converse Rubber Shoes For Women

Converse Rubber Shoes For Women

Chris Tomlinson despite missing the 'A' standard.

"I enjoy these big occasions," Rutherford said. "I tend to mix it up as much as possible. I like the big stadiums, the crowds and the pressure and after a decent training block which I am getting in there now I'm going to go in there confident.

"I want my career to consist of multiple major medals and jumping big. I'd like to think that at 26 I've got plenty of years to win more major championships."

He added: "If anything the more people drop out the more chances it leaves people like myself.

Converse Rubber Shoes For Women

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