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It seems strange that the only Frenchlanguage radio station in a city that has such strong francophone roots and a large francophone population, needs a handout from taxpayers. Giving a radio station taxpayers' money would be wrong, just as it would be wrong to give a newspaper taxpayers' money. Council need not apologize for saying no to this request.

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Cornwall Regional Art Gallery (CRAG) wants council to cough up 28.6% more than it did in 2010 when the taxpayers forked over $70,000. The chances of Converse For Men Black

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´╗┐Groups are lining up at the public trough

the gallery receiving $90,000 this year are somewhere between Converse Sale Size 4 none and not at all.

There are businesses in Cornwall that pay a slew of taxes, including

This year's list of groups coming to the public Converse Dainty Black Glitter

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increased. There are seven applicants who weren't on the 2010 gift list. They are seeking a total of $183,980.

If city council were to say yes to everyone, the total would be $800,513. City finance manager Maureen Adams has suggested $588,419 be awarded, leaving who gets what and how much to council. Even at $588,419 city council would not be playing Scrooge.

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On the other side of the ledger, several holdovers are seeking more money from the public trough. The biggest increase comes from Group Renaissance Group. It wants $35,000, a hefty 84.2% increase from 2010. The money would be used to help city residences in need of renovations. The money would be used for materials since free labour is supplied by the World Changers youth group. It's a noble proposal but should taxpayers, some of whom can barely afford to maintain their homes, be asked to help pay for others, some who are better off?

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We don't think so.

The most curious request comes from CHOD FM Radio. The Frenchlanguage radio station has asked council to give it $25,105. Apparently, the station, is listed as a non profit operation.

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We like Coun. Syd Gardiner's view that instead of asking taxpayers for more money that the groups find the money on their own.

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water/sewage and property, and could consider themselves a non profit oper ation during this downturn in the economy.

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