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Linked to the reading materials, the judges wrote, was the fact that Waters was prevented from showing her documentary Watch in which she espouses nonviolence, "depriving Waters of her opportunity to demonstrate that her purported belief in nonviolence was genuine."

Waters was accused of participating in the arson of the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture. She was ordered to pay $6 million in restitution. at the end of his sentence to Converse Purple Dusk

Having reviewed the record of the proceedings below, we conclude that Waters' trial suffered from a number of errors. Because the govern ment has not convinced us that Waters' verdict was unaffected by those errors, we reverse her conviction and remand for a new trial.

one of her hearings that was closed should have been open to the public.

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Converse Sale Uk 2018

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Accused Earth Liberation Front arsonist Briana Water's conviction was reversed and remanded by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals today. A new trial has been has been recommended by the three judge panel.

Among the errors the judges Converse One Star White

face charges in the 2001 UW arson.

They also ruled that that the district court erred when it prevented Waters' cousin Robert Corrina from testifying to the fact that Waters told him to "tell the truth," and that Converse Shoes For Men Low Cut

The stories not only may have caused a juror to ignore the evidence at trial and convict as an emotional reaction to this latest crime, they may also have suggested to the jury that there was a link between the arson and Waters. District Judge Paul Maloney sentenced Coronado to four months in prison for violating his parole by "friending" Earth First! co founder Mike Roselle, the Missoula Independent reports.

Submitted by Camilla Mortensen on Wed, 08/01/2007 12:27

We were disappointed to see that Roselle is not a Facebook "fan" (liker?) of Eugene Weekly but a quick check reveals that EW does have a number of FB friends in common with him. We'll let you know if that ever gets us in trouble.

´╗┐Green Scare

And they ruled that arson that occurred in Seattle that was attributed to ELF and received wide media attention linking it to Waters' trial could have influenced the jury.

As for the government's contention that Waters' choice of reading material is probative of her participation in the UW arson, we have repeatedly expressed our discomfort with such inferences These passages are highly prejudicial, and even if the record demonstrated an adequate analysis by the district court we would be inclined to hold that admitting them was an abuse of discretion. Their repugnant and self absorbed embrace of destruction is likely to have swayed jurors' emotions, leading them to convict Waters not because of the facts before them but because she represented a threat to their own values. We need not reach this question, however, because the district court did not properly exercise its discretion. The district court admitted the articles without ever reviewing them. Our case law establishes that this was error.

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Converse Sale Uk 2018

The judges wrote that while fingerprints on the folder and a note on the folder showed a link between the two women, admitting the over 200 pages of articles without reviewing them was wrong, and a person's choice of reading material does not indicate guilt or innocence.

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The last of the Oregon's Operation Backfire defendants was sentenced today to four years three months in prison and book report. Jonathan Paul's lawyer had challenged the prison sentence in June, when Aiken first imposed it. However, Aiken rebuffed all four of the legal challenges that were put forth.

Paul is to read New York Times bestseller Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Vision to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time which Time Magazine "called an astonishing tale of compassion."

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found in Waters' trial were Converse Sale Uk 2018 admitting into evidence a folder of articles said to have been given to Jen Kolar, also accused of of UW arson, by Waters.

Aiken had given recommended reading to previous defendants (See EW 7/5) but today she demanded a book report to be turned into her before Paul reports to prison on October 1.

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Waters, a violin player who was living in San Francisco prior to her conviction has been serving a six year sentence in a federal prison in Danbury, Conn.

While the evidence against Waters may have been sufficient to sustain her conviction, our review of the record does not leave us convinced that her conviction was fairly obtained. District Judge Franklin Burgess who presided over Waters' 2008 trial died of cancer in March, according to The Seattle Times.

When Aiken turned down defendant Daniel McGowan's request to delay reporting for prison, one of the reasons cited by the government was a children's book The Secret of Terjian, being sold via his prisoner support web site to raise money for those involved in what many call "the Green Scare."

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Roselle told the Independent: "I sent him a friend request because someone had suggested that I friend him, and given that I've known Rod for quite a while, I did. Coronado's Facebook account, this officer found Michael Roselle to be a 'friend' of Mr. Coronado," and continues, "Available documentation and intellegence indicates Mr. Roselle is a cofounder of Earth First, Rain Forest Action Network (RAN), and the Ruckus Society. According to the FBI, many environmentalists convicted of violent offenses have been associated with both Earth First and the Ruckus Society organizations."

"Excluding the video was certainly an abuse of discretion," they wrote.

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