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The Association of Graduate Recruiters' (AGR) summer survey reveals that UK employers are predicting a 17% increase in available graduate vacancies this year, with many industries seeing a growth in demand for university leavers.

The survey found that the typical graduate starting salary for 2013/14 is predicted to be 27,000, up 500 on last year.

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´╗┐Graduate jobs up but posts unfilled Express Star

"Recent evidence also suggests that the majority Converse Black Low Cut

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But the survey, based on responses from 189 AGR employers, also shows that nearly a quarter (23.3%) reported that they did not fill all of their vacancies in 2012/13.

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"There is an increasing number of students entering higher education, and evidence across the sector suggests that Converse Shoes Black And Blue

"There are still unfilled graduate vacancies as employers are not always able to find the Converse Sale White right people, with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes, for the job," he said.

A Business Department spokesman said: "This increase in the number of graduate vacancies is yet further demonstration of the growth in confidence of British businesses.

employers recruiting from university and higher education have found the large majority of graduates to Converse Hi Tops Kids

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be well or very well prepared for work.

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The only industries that do not expect their graduate job levels to increase are energy, water and utility firms and FMCG (fast micing consumer goods) companies.

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The findings also show that some employers are taking an interest in the backgrounds of job applicants.

AGR chief executive Stephen Isherwood said that the rise in vacancies, and in salaries, was "fantastic news" for graduates, but warned that this does not mean that the market has become easier for all employers and graduates.

"Graduates must ensure they really do their research, target their applications and ensure their CVs do them justice if they want to be in with a good chance of securing a place on a graduate scheme following university."

Banking and financial services firms alone are expecting to see a 54.1% rise in job openings, with big rises also likely in transport or logistics companies (29.4%) and accountancy and professional services (24%).

Employers are struggling to to find candidates for almost one in four positions due to a gap in what graduates can offer and the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed, according to new research.

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Graduates planning to work as investment bank or fund managers can expect the highest pay, with typical starting wages of 43,500.

Around 14.9% of those questioned said that they are looking at the backgrounds of candidates and have done so in previous years, and a further 9.4% said that they are monitoring this for the first time this year.

of graduates are satisfied with the preparation their higher education course provides for the workplace."

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