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That's why she feared she had missed an appointment, or had an illness diagnosed, when Ella Jean Richter, executive director of GHC's Trust Fund, called.

very generous with us," said Richter.

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The couple has purchased tickets to four major draws, by Sault Area Hospital Foundation, Algoma Family Services, Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie and GHC, "for years."

Converse Shoes

Converse Shoes

Big Wish draw winners are:

Wendy Bailes, $70,000;

"It's the most we've ever won," said Bailes.

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The welcome windfall will be used to pay off some bills and help the couple prepare for retirement. A cruise to the Caribbean, booked before the win, beckons.

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Converse Shoes

Big Wish sales were down about 11% from 2011 with 10,309 of 12,000 tickets sold for $20 each.

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Diane Labbe, $10,000;

The trust fund expects to make about $95,000 from the draw. Proceeds will pay off a $457,000 tab to cover costs of the ear, noise and throat suite and day surgery for Dr. Damian Micomonaco. Converse Shoes He is the only such specialist in the city.

Converse Shoes

GHC Pharmacy's annual golf tournament runs Aug. 12 and 13 at Stone Ridge in Elliot Lake.

"It'll just make our vacation a little sweeter," said Bailes.

She expects to meet with Group Health Association and Algoma District Medical Group by March to learn what equipment will be fundraised for next.

"I think we need to be really grateful to the community because they were Toddler Converse High Tops Australia

"We're really happy with what we did do."

Converse Shoes

Peter Palahnuk, E. Beaudette, Anna Duguay, Monica Edgar, Maria Bressan, Barry Wilson, Marc Barbeau, Del Muirhead, Wendy Slack, Corrado Cuglietta, $1,000.

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The goal was reached six months ahead of schedule.

´╗┐Grandmother cashes in on Group Converse High Cut Black And White

The dollars were raised from two Big Wish draws, a golf tournament and direct mail campaign.

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"There's a fair amount of competition out there before Christmas for dollars that are available to spend," said Richter.

"It's come at a nice time."

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