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a matter of respect to Canadians and Quebecers.

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The Liberals have picked up where the prime minister left off, criticizing NDP interim leader Nycole Turmel for her connections to two separatist parties.

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´╗┐Grits grill Turmel over separatist ties

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Earlier in the week, Stephen Harper said he was "disappointed" to learn about Turmel's memberships with the Bloc and Quebec Solidaire.

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Rae also said he finds it "incredible" Turmel joined the parties as favours to friends. He said this excuse doesn't make sense to anyone in politics.

have answered more questions about her past because it's Converse For Women Fashion

Layton has said he hopes to return to the helm of the NDP when the House of Commons reconvenes in September.

Turmel has apologized for joining the separatist parties and insists she is a federalist. She is standing in for long time leader Layton, who announced last week he needed to take time off to fight cancer.

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a leave of absence, was a card carrying member of the Bloc Quebecois for five years and was also a member of the left leaning group Quebec Solidaire. Quebec Solidaire is composed of separatists and former communists.

Turmel, who is standing in for Jack Layton during Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

Former Liberal leader Stephane Dion also attacked Turmel Converse Shoes Baby in the French newspaper Le Devoir. Dion said the former union president should Shoes Converse Sale

Converse Shoes Baby

"Quebec Solidaire is a party on the margins, against free trade, against 'globalism,' whose views on the Middle East are mindlessly anti Israel, and whose economic and social policies are simply hopeless," he said.

Converse Shoes Baby

"In the case of Miss Turmel, we have somebody who did not reveal to the public and did not disclose to the public that fact that she was simultaneously, apparently, a member of three political parties over the last five years," said Rae at a press conference in Toronto.

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