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Converse Shoes Navy

Converse Shoes Navy

"Then one day I was moving equipment around my yard and there was this patch of gravel road that Converse Shoes Navy didn't have any markings on it. There were tracks going up to it, and then on the other side and then it dawned on me that's where I put that canola oil last year."

Converse Shoes Navy

Collecting from nearly 120 restaurant deep fryers across Saskatoon and area, Prairie Energy Resources is protecting themselves from potential copycats. They are currently resurfacing roads in the Rural Municipality of Converse Dainty Black And White

Converse Shoes Navy

at all," Hryniuk said.

Admitting it was by accident, Hryniuk discovered that canola oil, after it's been through the deep fryer, can be used as a road resurfacing product. And for the past three years Hryniuk and his partners in Prairie Energy Resource who originally were using the oil to fuel trucks have been paving rural roads at a fraction of the cost of asphalt.

Converse Shoes Navy

´╗┐group paving roads with deep

Having resurfaced entire towns such as Bruno, Vonda and Neuanlage, Hryniuk said it's a no brainer for small towns looking for affordable road repair to turn to used canola oil.

"We can do a road for roughly $13,000 to $16,000 per mile whereas Converse Women Shoes

Converse Shoes Navy

Converse Shoes Navy

Corman Park, Rosthern and beyond.

"The benefits right off is that's it's a dust control because not only is it fixed to the rocks and clay particles but as people drive on it hardens. As people drive on it, I think the sunlight is baking it, turns into a hard surface, it's not sticky anymore and when the rain hits, it repels water very well."

Converse Shoes Navy

it would be $640,000 a mile with pavement," Hryniuk said.

"It's very similar to pavement because if there's snow on it, it will heat up and it will melt the snow and the road doesn't move Converse Dainty White

Converse Shoes Navy

Once the gravel road gets two applications penetrating about an inch and a half deep using about 11,000 litres the road holds up well against heavy traffic and snow.

Converse Shoes Navy

Converse Shoes Navy

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