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"This is a really difficult situation that we're in and it's been very, very difficult on the family and the community and we just continue to ask for support and prayers for the family because the RCMP is still doing an investigation and they still haven't arrested anyone," she said, asking anyone with information to come forward.

"We just did a presentation to the community to let them that these services Converse Chuck 2 Neon

"In Ottawa on Oct. 4, we always do a walk and then in Ottawa we send a petition from all the different cities that sign it to please help us out too," she said, adding many people look at these women through the same lens.

One of the campaigns Sisters Converse Kids White

Converse Shoes Red

Converse Shoes Red

Some of the services in the community include a psychologist, mental health therapist, grief counsellor, prevention worker from the Indian Child Family Services and a prevention and recovery team provided through health services. Cook Searson said there is also victims services provided through the RCMP, "but they won't force themselves on people if they don't require the help."

"We had been praying for her return during these difficult past weeks and it's heartbreaking to know that she won't be coming home in the way that we hoped, and at this time we will continue to support her family and community as we grieve her loss."

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"We did see her around the Friendship Centre in Prince Albert. Like, she does come down this way with her family that's why it's unfortunate and so close to Christmas."

As of right now, the RCMP is deeming Roberts' death a homicide, but it has no charges laid as of yet. Cook Searson said the community has never had to go through such an extreme situation like this.

"It's awful like, like all [Roberts] was doing was just hitch hiking. You can't even hitch hike and something happens and what's more upsetting is that she has two young children and it's so close to Christmas and it seems like nobody knows nothing," Soles said.

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in Spirit is promoting is hitch hiking safety. Soles said sometimes these women hitch hike because they don't have the finances to travel.

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"And then to ask the government and the police to help us and what we can do as a whole community.".

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Converse Shoes Red

In addition to trying to tackle the issue of missing and murdered women on a national level, Soles said Sisters in Spirit have staff and programs in place on a local level.

are available and if they want they can reach out to them," she said.

Donna Soles co ordinated the Prince Albert Sisters in Spirit Vigil in October in honour of missing and Converse Shoes Red murdered aboriginal women and girls.

She said cases like Roberts' happen too often.

Roberts' wake was Wednesday night in Sucker River with the funeral being held Thursday.

"Any little piece of information will help us."

As the family deals with the realization that their loved one is not coming back, the Lac La Ronge Indian Band Office is extending its hand in support.

To help prevent cases like Roberts' in the future, Sisters in Spirit is trying to bring more awareness to the issue. Currently, there are more than 600 cases of aboriginal women who have been murdered or gone missing nationally.

´╗┐Grief services help loved ones of murdered Jodi Roberts

Missing and murdered women an all too real occurrence

"After Christmas we starting up a new project and it's called Hope, and it's like a grievance session where all the families come together and we talk about how we feel and how we can promote the sisters more," Soles said.

Cook Searson said she's really grateful for all the people who have helped them out in various ways from cooks, to those who lent equipment in the search and searchers.

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"Without the searchers, the community searchers, I just don't know if we would have been able to find Jodi when we did."

For those families who have to deal with a missing murdered woman there is a new program making itself available in Prince Albert called Project Hope.

The La Ronge RCMP confirmed on Tuesday that the human remains found in a wooded area near Sucker River were those of Jodi Roberts.

you are and when to expect you.

At that debriefing, Cook Searson said counselling was set up for those who needed it either one on one or in a group setting.

"They stereotype all the different girls, and not everybody works the streets or [uses] drugs or alcohol."

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"We did have a debriefing in the community of Sucker River last Friday for the searchers, for the family and it went over really well and it was well received by the family and the community," Cook Searson said. "So it's kind of like a healing circle and everybody gets a chance to speak."

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However, she said if you do have to travel this way, travel with a buddy and call family or friends to let them know where Converse Glitter Toe

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