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Ferrigan, the only witness called by the defence, said her injuries Converse Shoes Blue

While he had suspicions about the testimony of the woman Sauro (Sam) Greganti was accused of injuring, a judge said Wednesday that he was left with a reasonable doubt and acquitted Greganti.

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After she and Greganti drove away from the bar, they argued over what had happened, she said, explaining she "was pretty feisty'' and angry.

"I was drunk and I was taking it out on Sam,'' she said. "I remember trying to jump out of the vehicle.''

He was reaching over, locking the door and "trying to pull the seat belt over me,'' Ferrigan said.

The three year constable testified that while he saw Greganti throwing punches at the woman, he didn't see if the hits connected.

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. I believe on the curb.

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Ferrigan (the accused's girlfriend), two city police officers and a man who called 911 about a possible domestic assault.

He testified that he heard a woman screaming, "Stop, don't, let me go,'' as she tried to get out of the small red vehicle, which had its passenger door open.

were from a fight she had with another woman as she and Greganti were leaving the New American Hotel.

When he gave his decision, Buttazzoni said these actions "could be misinterpreted'' by people making observations at that time of night and from where Gloster and Stevenson were positioned.

"I ended up falling and hitting my head at some point Converse Shoes Leather Brown

James Gloster and Const. Jeremy Stevenson testified about two incidents on April 9, where they said they saw Greganti striking at the woman, a passenger in his vehicle.

"There was some pushing, shoving, hitting,'' said the witness, who indicated that she was intoxicated at the time.

Gloster told the court he didn't actually see the man strike the passenger.

The door flew open at one point, and Greganti was trying to close it and settle her down, she said, denying he struck Converse Shoes White Price her.

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During a one day trial Tuesday, the court heard testimony from the woman, Shelley Converse Low Cut Maroon

Stevenson described Greganti as delivering "three solid and hard punches'' to Ferrigan as police followed his Chevrolet Aveo in an unmarked cruiser.

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"I can't conclude I disbelieve her evidence about what happened,'' Ontario Court Justice Andrew Buttazzoni said when he found the 55 year old man not guilty of the assault charge.

´╗┐Greganti acquitted of assault charges

The driver raised his right hand towards her, pulled her back inside, closed the door and took off along Wellington Street, he said.

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