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The downside to that approach is that occasionally the centre backs can get caught in a race or can get isolated. That is a conscious trade off that you make when you choose to play that way.

Real Madrid are most definitely well equipped to take advantage of that. We in Britain hardly needed a reminder of Gareth Bale's pace and athleticism but we got one with that goal he scored in the Spanish Cup Final last week.

But they will be at it for the big games. Their sporting director Matthias Sammer has said they have been lacking a bit of "spark", but he will just be trying to light a fire under them before a big game.

I don't understand why anybody was critical of Bayern's performance against Manchester United in the quarter finals. You have to remember that they choose to play in a certain way, which is to push up the park and the back four want to be in touch with the midfield and press high up the pitch.

Converse Suede Hi Tops

Converse Suede Hi Tops

There are negatives, but it's a calculation that you make. You choose to play that way knowing that sometimes you will be caught out.

Converse Suede Hi Tops

the back four had to be in touch with the midfield and the midfield in touch with the Converse For Girls Low Top Red

strikers. That left us vulnerable to being caught high up the park with a gap between the back four and the goalkeeper. Sometimes your keeper has to play on the 18 yard line and be a sweeper for you.

We played like that in my Liverpool days. We played so high up the park and White Converse High Tops Womens Amazon

I know Bayern Munich have lost a couple of games in the Bundesliga recently, but that happens when you have already got the title sewn up.

And assuming Cristiano Ronaldo is fit, then he is another major weapon. If ever there was a team that could catch Bayern Munich out then it's Real Madrid.

Converse Suede Hi Tops

Converse Suede Hi Tops

Converse Suede Hi Tops

Converse Suede Hi Tops

´╗┐Graeme Souness denies German vulnerability

at this stage of the competition and any of the remaining four teams could beat each other. It is a really, really hard call.

But I don't think it's essential that Real win the first game at home. I don't see European football in that way any more. They need to try to get a goal, but they also need to defend well because they will inevitably spend large parts of this tie defending.

What you factor in is that, over a season, the benefits of playing that way by far outweigh the negatives. People fail to understand that. Yes, you can look vulnerable at times, but over a season the negatives are outweighed a thousand times by the positives if you play Converse Suede Hi Tops that way correctly.

But my belief is that Bayern Munich will beat Real Madrid over two legs.

Converse Suede Hi Tops

Converse Suede Hi Tops

The margins between winning and losing are so small that if you drop your concentration level or your effort level by just 10% then you will get beaten, no matter how good you are. They were bang at it for 53 unbeaten games, but their levels just dropped slightly after they won the league.

As I said at the start of this article, there are no easy draws Converse New Shoes 2018

Converse Suede Hi Tops

Converse Suede Hi Tops

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