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Converse Tan Leather High Tops

It was at that point Bross said Wardle ridiculed him and said, among other things, "We literally ran the (expletive) out of one player" and that "we might need to try it again next year." Bross also said Wardle called him a "a piece of (expletive)" and that "he had never seen such a big (expletive)" and continued to bring up that incident throughout the season.

Converse Tan Leather High Tops

University spokesman Chris Sampson said the investigation, which is being run by local attorney Joe Nicks, is ongoing. Sampson said there was no timetable for its completion, but that it could be as soon as next week.

"Ryan went back in the woods to take care of his business, and I can vouch no one else ever went back there with Ryan except for Wardle," Cougill said.

Cougill and Sykes said Wardle held a team meeting after the incident, and agreed about what was said.

Senior forward Brennan Cougill said in an interview Tuesday that he heard it happen multiple times.

"Well, I mean it happened when he soiled himself, but the context is definitely skewed," Sykes said in the radio interview. "I was there the whole time trying to motivate him to keep going and finish because he was given Converse For Girls Low Top White

"He said in the heat of a situation people will say certain things," Sykes said. "But Coach, he also had a meeting after he had an outburst after a game telling us we were playing soft, and he said 'if I ever call you guys a name specifically that I apologize' because he don't mean to call us a name. He says, 'We're playing soft,' or 'We're playing like girls.' But he never said, 'You are a girl' or you are any of those names used in the paper. Everyone could sit down and say that he had that meeting because everyone was there."

Cougill, however, said neither Brown nor Sykes were in the same running group as Bross during the October training session on the hills near campus. Cougill said the group included Bross, freshman Nick Arenz and himself. When Bross dropped out because he defecated himself, the rest of the group continued to run, and the other groups were not nearby, said Cougill, whose mother also has filed a complaint against Wardle.

On three occasions since the investigation began, Press Gazette Media attempted to interview Brown and Sykes (as well as other players) by contacting the school's media relations director, which is the athletics department's policy for interviewing active players. Those requests Mens Converse Trainers

the option to stop or keep going, and he decided to keep going knowing that anyone isn't made to do anything. He's a grown man. Everyone that can read the article or that can read, I'm pretty sure they control themselves, and that no one can make anyone do that. So I mean he was given the option, and he was being a team guy and didn't want to quit. I was there the whole time trying to motivate him to keep going. . That was by far the hardest drill we did, and the context was definitely skewed, and the allegations are just crazy that someone could say that."

of several complaints against Wardle that led the school to seek an outside investigator to look into the claims filed by Bross earlier this month. Among the other allegations were that Wardle ridiculed Bross after he defecated in his pants during a preseason training run last October and used a homophobic slur.

Converse Tan Leather High Tops

Cougill said when Bross dropped out, the rest of the players kept running, leaving Bross alone with Wardle.

Converse Tan Leather High Tops

´╗┐Green Bay players offer differing views on allegations

were denied again Tuesday.

GREEN BAY, Wis. A University of Wisconsin Green Bay men's basketball player said he heard coach Brian Wardle tell freshman walk on Ryan Bross that he would be a better player if he had sex with a girl he was interested in dating.

Converse Tan Leather High Tops

"Honestly, I don't agree with the things that are being said," Brown said on WNFL. "I've been here the longest of any of the guys. I feel like if I had personally seen any of this happening, I wouldn't still be here. A lot of the stuff is not happening the way it's being said."

Converse Tan Leather High Tops

Arenz did not return a message left on his cell phone Tuesday. Arenz is one of four players to leave the team since February. He plans to transfer to Winona (Minn.) State. Bross is transferring to Concordia (Wis.). Kam Cerroni, who left late in the season, is transferring to St. Norbert (Wis.). Sultan Muhammad, the most recent player to leave, has not said where he plans to go.

That was one Converse For Women Slim

Converse Tan Leather High Tops

Converse Tan Leather High Tops

Converse Tan Leather High Tops

"Wardle told us not to tell anybody outside the team about it," Cougill said. "That's the only thing that was said, that you don't tell this to anybody else."

Tuesday, UWGB's top two players junior center Alec Brown and sophomore guard Keifer Sykes refuted some of Bross' claims in radio Converse Tan Leather High Tops interviews on Geen Bay station WNFL.

Converse Tan Leather High Tops

Sykes also acknowledged that Wardle used foul language at times and that Wardle addressed that during a different team meeting.

Converse Tan Leather High Tops

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