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"The minister considers all information collected during the EA process and decides if potential impacts from the project are adequately addressed to ensure environmental protection," said Ministry of Environment representative Barb Barootes in an e mail.

"Once that water is at risk or damaged Converse Chuck 2 Neon

"To put it bluntly we would like to see our water not put at risk. We would like to see Fortune Minerals move someplace so that it doesn't put our water and our community at risk."

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´╗┐Group wants mineral facility proposal near Langham denied

After reviewing the EIS Coxworth said that there are a lot of gaps that leave too many questions and too many doubts.

"Our water is directly below us and sometimes it's very near the surface and sometimes further down. But it does provide water to all the acreages and all the farms and the town of Langham and our area so Converse Trainers Blue that's a big concern," he said.

The group has been holding town meetings and spreading information on the proposed project and encouraging people to contribute to the public review.

"We are going to be looking at a very large amount of arsenic laced solid waste residue as a result of the operations of this metal processing plant," he said, explaining that even a small amount can be deadly to people.

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Fortune Minerals Ltd. (FML) is seeking approval under the Environmental Assessment Act to construct and operate a Metals Processing Plant in the RM of Corman Park near Langham. The environmental impact statement (EIS) is under public review until Dec. 6.

volume of comments received so far, the ministry stated that there will be a thoughtful analysis of the submissions.

The Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES) wants the Ministry of Environment to drop a proposed project near Langham.

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"The risk is that over the long term, these arsenic laced wastes could gradually make their way through the line cover. it might take two or three centuries but we fear that this waste could easily end up reaching the aquifer and contaminating it."

He said they have also reviewed the EIS and have concerns.

non flowing so it can't be flushed out."

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"As lay people and people who use that water that's our biggest fear that is this water going to be fresh and there for our future and our children and their future," Crush said.

it can't be fixed because it's just a stale body of water, its fresh water but it's Converse Red Shoes

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Converse Trainers Blue

SES Director of Environmental Policy Peter Prebble said that his biggest concern is the use of arsenic.

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After the public review finishes on Friday and based on the Converse All White Shoes

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The concern over the aquifer led Langham resident Ken Crush to join with 25 other community members and form the Fortune Minerals Issue Group.

"The fact that they still are not really sure whether the deep formation into which they intend to pump the waste is chemically suited to receive them and they say that they will do that study after the project is approved," she said.

"We recognize that the metals that are being processed are fairly widely used and that there may be appropriate locations to set up such a plant or there may be ways of changing the processing so that it could be more safely carried out but I would say not in a region that is agricultural and growing residential area."

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