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Smart micro grids seem to be the future of power generation and supply. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada calls smart grids the next generation electrical system.

Smart meters, local green energy production and the Innovation Centre's geomatics expertise make the Sault a good test site.

When a heat wave in Toronto has people sucking huge amounts of power to run air conditioning, cooler Sault neighbourhoods could go "off the grid" and preserve their power.

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micro grid will still be humming.

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A micro grid can incorporate solar panels, small wind turbines and even natural gas fuel cells to generate power locally. These could be rooftop and backyard units or projects such as the Sault's solar farms and cogeneration facilities.

Surely a province that has placed so many eggs in the alternative energy basket will appreciate the wisdom of testing a smart micro grid. And surely it should be clear that the Sault is the ideal place to do so.

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The more power produced locally, the less the micro grid draws from a central grid and power supply that have been

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Indeed, a micro grid can feed and draw power from the larger grid Converse Trainers Sale but disconnect when required. So if there's a transmission or supply problem across the province or even across the city, people served by the Converse Shoes High Tops Black

Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't appear the smart micro grid project would result in any great cost to Sault Ste. Marie taxpayers.

Those of us who live out in the district, where grids are so large that if a tree falls on a power line most of a township could be in the dark, certainly should appreciate the logic of micro grids.

It doesn't take a vast knowledge of power technology to understand the smart micro grid concept.

Pod Generating Group, Converse Chuck Ii On Feet

Where the "smart" comes into the micro grid is technology that could allow each system to distribute power where it's most needed. In a shortage, vital communications and health care users could maintain their power supply while less essential services that can withstand a short outage might be cut off selectively.

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At the least, there will be some benefit from upgrades to PUC infrastructure needed for the pilot project and paid for with ministry and Pod funding.

Micro grids and the infrastructure improvement that comes with them should have some appeal to people in the Sault, where power outages seem to have grown more frequent because of aging equipment.

Pod Generating CEO Glen Martin said Sault Ste. Marie MPP David Orazietti has been supportive. Let's hope he follows council's suggestion this week to arrange a meeting with energy minister Chris Bentley and push the funding application forward.

A smart grid is being developed at the Burnaby campus of British Columbia Institute of Technology, but indications are the Sault could be the first municipality to test a smart grid of any appreciable size.

described as outdated and wasteful.

Micro grids "will enable the Canadian power industry to achieve energy security, conservation and reduced carbon footprints," says the NSERC.

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developer of the Base Line and Black Road solar farms, wants to build one in the Sault. Its application for half of the $12 million implementation cost, supported by the Innovation Centre and the PUC, has been shortlisted by the provincial energy ministry.

´╗┐grid project could help power Sault

But the biggest benefit might be that this small Northern city could be ahead of the curve on a major transition in the Converse High Tops Womens Uk

Essentially, it replaces the vast grids that distribute power generated at huge projects with localized, neighbourhood grids handling power from a variety of sources.

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The Internet site Howstuffworks compares a micro grid to a backyard garden: the more you grow, the less you need to go to the store. Grow enough and you could sell your excess crop at a farmers' market.

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way power is generated and distributed in North America.

Knowledge is power, it's often said. But a project proposed for Sault Ste. Marie could demonstrate both that power is power and that knowledge about power is power.

Indications are that green energy storage would be much more feasible in a micro grid.

Those smart meters that have been installed in homes over the past few years could enable this sort of fine tuning.

It's good to see Pod Generating taking the initiative on smart micro grids in the Sault, and good to see council offer its support, building on other initiatives to make the city an alternative energy capital.

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