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Even our insect pest research has evolved over the years, and now encompasses such topics as detection and control Converse Leather White High Tops

Converse Uk Kids

This research in turn led to the federal government putting a laboratory in Sault Ste. Marie to study alternative natural insect control Converse Uk Kids for Canadian forests, and the eventual expansion of facilities and programs at the site of the present Queen Street complex.

This is achieved through research that strives to develop innovative silvicultural methods, increase understanding around genetics and genomics techniques, and develop methods to forecast wood volume and quality attributes at the tree and stand levels.

Similarly, since 1980 GLFC scientists have been doing collaborative research with the MNR and other federal departments, at the Turkey Lakes Watershed Study, located approximately 50km north of Sault Ste Marie.

Another new endeavour for some CFS employees is their work with the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC), which was created to conduct research in partnership with three existing forest research institutes to efficiently produce wood fibre with desirable attributes.

options for invasive insect pests such as the emerald ash borer and Asian long horned beetle, and studies to develop novel insect control techniques using naturally occurring micro organisms.

GLFC's nickname is obvious when you know our history, and while an extensive and state of the art forest insect research program continues to operate at the Centre, the issues facing Canada's forest sector have broadened in the past half century.

Scientists from the building are also active participants within the national and international forest science community.


The roots of GLFC date back to a cooperative agreement between the federal and provincial governments to study and control spruce budworm outbreaks.

Converse Uk Kids

Converse Uk Kids

The Great Lakes Forestry Centre (GLFC) has been a landmark in Sault Ste. Marie for more than 50 years, and has always been affectionately known as the Bug Lab.

One aspect that has remained unchanged over the years is the influence that GLFC science has on the policy that guides the sustainable development of Canada's forests and the competitiveness of the forest sector.

The CFS undertakes research to address the most pressing science and policy questions facing Canada's forest sector. And although GLFC scientists perform their research across Canada, much of it is done right here in Ontario, contributing to the policies that direct forest management plans in this province.

Converse Uk Kids

Their work contributes scientific knowledge towards the development of national forest policy on such topics as forest fire regimes and behavior, climate change impacts on forest ecosystems, carbon accounting in the boreal forest, and the classification and sustainable management of all forest types across the country. Because the CFS is a department of the federal government, GLFC science also feeds directly into national and international forest sector obligations and interests, such as commitments to maintain forest biodiversity, manage Canadian forests in a sustainable manner, and support the Canadian forest sector.

Today, the Natural Resources Canada Canadian Forest Service (CFS) community includes more than 150 scientists and staff who work at GLFC and do research on a host of things forest related. Current research programs include such topics as forest fire and climate change, economic analysis and the use of computer models to evaluate options for strategic forest management decision making, and studies to evaluate the impacts of industrial forest activities on the sustainability of forest biodiversity, forest productivity, and forest soil and water processes.

Converse Uk Kids

This relationship is guided by a formal Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations thatRecent work includes collaborative research on such topics as adapting forest management activities to consider the potential impacts of future climate change and addressing the sustainable harvest of biofibre in Ontario.

Converse Uk Kids

For more information on GLFC research projects and their influence on Canadian forest policy, visit.

These projects have provided forest managers with necessary scientific knowledge to help modify existing harvesting and silvicultural techniques for over 40 years, and to develop new and potentially innovative Converse Dainty Ox Navy

The Turkey Lakes project was originally focused on measuring the impacts of acid rain on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, but now includes research into the effects of other human impacts on the environment, including such ecological perturbations as forest harvesting, climate change and fish habitat modification.

Converse Uk Kids

Converse Uk Kids

Converse Uk Kids

As was the case when the Centre was built, scientists and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources continue to have an active and cooperative working relationship.

Of course, the influence of GLFC research extends much further than Ontario.

Converse Uk Kids

since 1968; additional forest ecosystems have been studied in similar, complimentary research projects since the late 1970s.

GLFC scientists have been conducting long term forest research in Ontario for almost as long as this organization has been in Sault Ste. Marie. For example, CFS researchers from GLFC have studied nutrient cycling in jack pine forests Converse High Tops White Cheap

´╗┐Great Lakes Forestry Centre is more than a Bug Lab

Converse Uk Kids

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