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"So far I think I've been performing on a good Converse Uk White level for me. I'm expecting to raise up my level in the next match.

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Converse Uk White

The most recent of those came three weeks ago when he succeeded Murray as the champion at Queen's Club.

´╗┐Grigor Dimitrov ready for Andy Murray showdown

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"I'm Converse Limited Edition 2018

Converse Uk White

going to have another chance on Wednesday to challenge. This is the position I want to be every slam and every tournament, whoever I'm playing. These are the matches I want to play.

Murray has not won a tournament or reached a final since winning Wimbledon last year, which is in stark contrast to Dimitrov, for whom all four of his ATP Tour titles have come since linking up with coach Roger Rasheed in October.

"Of course, it's not an easy task. It's a lot to ask. You're going to be asked a lot of questions from your opponent, so you've got to have the answers.

"I think we played a great match," said the 23 year old. "I think it was one of the best matches for me this year so far.

thing to play best of five sets.

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He also won a title in Acapulco in March having beaten Murray in the semi finals his first ever victory over the Wimbledon champion.

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"There's nothing better for me. Obviously you've put Converse Shoes White Price

in so much work, you've been patient enough, all that. So you want to be at that stage."

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"It's not a new opponent for me. I know him. There's nothing major for me that I need to be aware of.

Converse Uk White

"I've practised against him many times. We know our games pretty well. That match in Acapulco was a really long and exhausting match. (That was) best of three, it's another Converse Mid Tops Leather

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