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Giant Eagle offered the following statement:

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safety and security of our associates and customers is our top priority. We provide every store with security based on rigorous security assessments we conduct regularly for each individual location. We utilize a variety of security measures, including undercover personnel as well as uniformed security officers, plus cutting edge technologies. For obvious reasons, our policy is not to disclose specific details about our security efforts, Converse Dainty Black And White

Target issued the following statement:

"You can believe that the criminals got guns so I would feel better in a more upscale neighborhood, Jacocks said.

Kroger customers that 10TV spoke with say they are going to reconsider their shopping habits with the security guards being unarmed.

"Our assets protection team members are trained for numerous emergency situations, including working with law enforcement, as part of their response protocol. Their role is to maintain a safe shopping environment, protect against theft and monitor suspicious activity; however, they are not there to replace the role of law enforcement."

10TV tried to find out how other grocery chains in central Ohio deploy security Converse Uk Womens Sale personnel within their stores.

Converse Uk Womens Sale

Converse Uk Womens Sale

Another shopper, Dennis Jacocks, said he will consider shopping at another Kroger that he thinks is in a safer area than the Kroger at E. Main St. and Alum Creek Blvd. where he normally shops.

either company wide or at the individual store level. has also said that this is not a cost saving measure as they will continue to pay for guards to be in the stores.

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ensure that customers have a safe and pleasant shopping experience. As is common practice, these uniformed officers are armed. says it does not publicly discuss its security Converse Shoes Black And Blue

Converse Uk Womens Sale

´╗┐Grocery Giant Kroger Moves To Disarm Security Guards

"I would come during the day when people could see me. No more at night time," said Columbus resident Lakashia Shavers. "You need arms because who's to say? I mean, the security guard might get killed."

Kroger has responded with the following statement:

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Converse Uk Womens Sale

Converse Uk Womens Sale

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Protection Service adds in the letter that "this is very disheartening to us."

Eagle utilizes the services of uniformed, off duty police personnel at its central Ohio locations to Converse Dainty Mid Trainers White

Converse Uk Womens Sale

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