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from all walks of life and take tours for a variety of reasons, he added.

But Warner was uneasy about the safety of travelling alone in a foreign country, especially since she didn't speak the language. She signed up with with G Adventures for a three and a half week group tour, and plunged into the experience Converse White High Tops Cheap of a lifetime.

"Being with complete strangers for weeks, they become your best friend(s), like you've known each other your whole life. I didn't expect that," she said. "I would do it again in a heartbeat."

thing because you know where you are sleeping that night, but you are still having a sense of adventure."

"It's kind of nice doing the group Converse High Heels

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Warner is now hooked on group adventure travel and plans to do it again. Next time, however, she'll bring her husband along.

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Converse White High Tops Cheap

Most want to make an authentic connection with the places they visit, which the company does by using locally owned businesses, restaurants and accommodations. A knowledgeable guide also gives travellers unique experiences they won't find in a guide book, Chan said.

According to Timothy Chan of Canadian based G Adventures, which has operated globally for 22 years nearly 40% of people who sign up for their tours are travelling solo. G travellers come Converse Shoes With Heels

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Stephanie Warner always wanted to travel alone before she walked down the aisle. In 2010, the engaged 28 year old Calgarian decided on Costa Rica for a solo adventure before her wedding.

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A former co worker from Australia was going home for three months and encouraged McIntyre to visit. McIntyre accepted the offer to spend a week in Sydney, then joined a tour with Contiki, which introduced her to the world of group adventure travel.

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´╗┐Group tours can boost confidence

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"They are looking for adventure, wanting to get out of their comfort zone and try something different," Chan said. "It's a great way to get your feet wet if you are new to travel or haven't been to a specific destination."

Others simply enjoy being with 10 to 12 people who have a plethora of stories to share about their journeys around the world.

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Converse White High Tops Cheap

said McIntyre, who was itching to sign up for another group adventure when she returned home to Canada. Within a month she was booked on a tour of southeast Asia.

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"I am fairly independent, but to go a few weeks by yourself would get kind of lonely," Converse High Tops Black Amazon

A local guide created the deep cultural experience Warner was looking for, but she still had the freedom to do some adventuring on her own.

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