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DiPietro, who lives in Welland, retired in 1991 before Young became owner of the team.

and especially through some tough times. We stand behind him."

Young, meanwhile, said earlier this week that the city's plan for where the stadium should be built, is simply a bad idea.

A Sault native, Canadian Football League Hall of Famer, and former Hamilton Tiger Cat Rocky DiPietro, says it would be a personal blow to him if the Ticats left Hamilton for a greener field.

Early this week Young pulled out of talks with city hall about a venue for the new $102 million stadium, amid vague threats about moving the team out of town. Reports have speculated the team could relocate to Montreal or Burlington.

team," Grigg said before council voted on Tuesday.

Sault Star

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out. But you never know with these politicians. Bob Young has paid the bills there for the last little while, Converse Shoes High Tops Men

Another Sault native who also played for the Tiger Cats is not impressed with reports the team might move out of town. Nor does Andrew Grigg think Young is serious about the threat.

´╗┐Grigg hope Ticats stay put

"I know Bob Young is steadfast in his belief. He wants it in east mountain and for a very good reason," DiPietro says. "We all hope things work Converse High Tops White Leather

Converse White High Tops Size 4

Converse White High Tops Size 4

"I definitely don't want to see the Hamilton Tiger Cats leave Hamilton. That would not just crush me, but crush others," says Grigg, who was a receiver with the Cats from 1995 2002.

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Converse White High Tops Size 4

Hamilton city hall and Ticats owner, Bob Young, are embroiled in a battle over where to build a new stadium that will host some of the 2015 Pan Am Games. The stadium would also become the home of the CFL Tiger Cats once the games are over.

"Moving them down to some stadium down on the waterfront isn't going to work. . . . At the end of the day, nobody wants to see the Ticats leave Hamilton. At the end of the day I could side with Bob Young because he has spent a lot of money. He spent a lot of dough. For the city to turn their back on him is absolutely disgusting," Grigg says.

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Young had offered to fork out $15 million in cash and $59 million in financing if the Tiger Cats managed the new facility.

"I cannot be part of a process that destines us to financial failure before the first shovel goes in the ground," he stated in a letter Monday to Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger. "My major regret is the harsh reality that after next year, there will be no home for the Hamilton Tiger Cats in the city where we shared so much success and positive experiences together," Sun Media reported.

Councillors voted 12 3 on Tuesday to build the new stadium near the west end waterfront, rather than in the eastern suburbs on the Niagara Escarpment, also known as the east mountain area the site favoured by Young.

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"I think it's a great bluff call by Bob Young. I don't think he'd ever take the team out. . . . He's trying to scare city councillors to vote on his side so he doesn't have to move the Men Converse

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He says the waterfront site is a bad idea.

Grigg and his wife own three Tim Horton's in Hamilton.

"I feel very well connected to the team and even the city," says DiPietro, who played 14 seasons with Hamilton as a receiver and slot back. "I go back quite often. I do things in Hamilton. I'm part of the Tiger Cats alumni. We're very concerned. Hopefully they work things out. . . . The Ticats are part of the city. It's hard to imagine Hamilton without the Tiger Cats. But in this day and age, anything is possible."

Tempers flared at city hall earlier this week when council voted on Converse White High Tops Size 4 the new site location. Every spectator seat in council chambers was full, along with more than 100 chairs set up outside the room.

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