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Haskett is not calling for the CAS system to be dismantled, but he charges that too often child welfare workers pursue cases that have no merit.

"As a taxpayer, I take exception to having overlapping systems that might Converse Dainty Blue Size 6

"We would either like legislation, or preferably we would like the Ontario Ombudsman to have oversight of the 53 Children's Aid Societies," in the province, said Haskett.

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a separation where one of the parents feels that they're not going to get the child, there's a number of malicious calls to the Children's Aid Society," said Haskett. "Unfortunately, because they're anonymous phone calls and it's in the Child and Family Services Act that they're allowed to be anonymous phone calls, nobody really knows."

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be doing the same thing, and from my perspective I think they have already established a number of regulatory bodies for auditing child welfare and adding one more, I just don't think that's value for money," said Baraniuk.

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The local CAS disagrees.

´╗┐Group to stage rally in front of CAS office

"Ultimately the judge, through legislation, makes a determination of whether we become involved or not," he said. "It's really a highly regulated system."

"It could be a neighbour that's making a phone call, it could be Converse Rubber Shoes

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Baraniuk said for those with concerns about the operation of the child welfare system, an internal process exists, as does an external body called the Child and Family Services Converse Shoes Leather Black

Around 30 people were expected to attend, including William Mullins Johnson, the local man who spent more than a decade in jail after being wrongly convicted of killing his neice, said Haskett.

Review Board, which was set up by the government as an impartial body to review complaints and to intervene.

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"The Children's Aid Society has to go in, and we have no problem with that, but there have been a number of cases, and it has been proven in court, that they have gone after innocent parents," said Neil Haskett, the Sudbury based organizer of the group.

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A group that charges Children's Aid Societies need further oversight to stop them from overzealously targeting innocent parents, brings its Converse White Low Top cause to Sault Ste. Marie on Wednesday.

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