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Converse Womens White High Tops

Open face sandwiches feature a heap of diced avocado and shrimp that has been soaked in paprika marinade, grilled and sliced. A roasted tomato vinaigrette (make them heirloom tomatoes in summer) helps bind the topping.

Converse Womens White High Tops

Converse Womens White High Tops

Hass avocados become dark green or black when ripe, but some avocado varieties remain light green. Place hard, unripened avocados in a brown paper bag and store at room temperature, two to five days, to speed ripening.

´╗┐Grilled avocados

cherry tomatoes and corn.

Guacamole: It's obligatory. This easy version includes the usual ingredients, plus a couple of ounces of grated Monterey Jack cheese. Avocado and whole wheat macaroni salad could easily be made in spring, but the dish will be even better in summer when you can prepare it with farmers market mint, basil, Converse Hi Tops Girls

California avocados are in season from spring through fall, so you can begin using avocados immediately. The grilled avocado slices and the other dishes we're sharing today all can be prepared with Hass avocados.

Add an apple or banana to the bag; these fruits emit an ethylene Converse Limited Edition Vintage

Converse Womens White High Tops

Converse Womens White High Tops

Next door in California, about 90 percent of the country's avocados are grown, according to the California Avocado Commission. Familiar dark, pebble skinned Hass avocados account for the majority of the production, though other varieties are farmed, including some that remain light green when ripe.

Position the avocado lengthwise facing you, give it a quarter turn toward you and cut in half lengthwise again.

Wash and dry a ripe avocado and place it on a clean cutting board.

Ripe fruit is firm yet yields to gentle squeezing.

Chilaquiles, the traditional Mexican dish of skillet fried tortilla chips, salsa and cheese, are refashioned using avocado. The cheese here is queso panela (also called queso de canasta), a fresh cow's milk variety, but Monterey Jack can be substituted.

Converse Womens White High Tops

Converse Womens White High Tops

Converse Womens White High Tops

Finally, we have turkey burgers. No, please, don't turn away. These burgers aren't the usual dried out abominations thanks to a moistening portion of avocado incorporated into the patties. The recipe calls for mounding the burgers with caramelized onions and by all means do that Converse Dainty Grey Womens

AVOCADO TIPS AND TACTICS California avocados are in season from spring through fall.

Converse Womens White High Tops

Converse Womens White High Tops

Cutting and peeling

Converse Womens White High Tops

avocado crop. Grill directly on the grate for about two minutes per side, then season with salt. Grilling deepens the subtle flavor of avocado flesh; pair the slices with grilled fish or meats or chop them up and toss in salads.

but some of those grilled avocado slices wouldn't come amiss, either.

To store cut Converse Womens White High Tops avocados, sprinkle with lemon juice, lime juice or white vinegar to prevent discoloring, then wrap in plastic wrap or place in an airtight container and use as soon as possible.

gas that speeds ripening. Store ripe, uncut avocados in the refrigerator for two to three days.

Slice into the avocado until the knife touches the seed, then cut the avocado in half lengthwise, rotating the fruit with one hand while holding the knife horizontally with the other hand.

Converse Womens White High Tops

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