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Another lesson we can draw from the 19th Century is we should not waste time, money and men on pointless targets. Not every Muslim is our enemy. In fact, most Muslims are not our foes. We need to concentrate on breaking those who would destroy us.

The tribal ancestors of the Taliban were every bit as savage and merciless as the Comanche. The Pashtun from their mountain villages along Pakistan's Swat Valley chopped up several British expeditions. A favorite Pashtun saying was, "the real fighting only begins after the peace treaty is signed." Afghanistan became known as the "graveyard of empires."

Union General J. M. Chivington became famous for blundering into a Confederate supply train, ending a Texas invasion of New Mexico. Chivington gained infamy, however, when he led 700 members of the Colorado militia in a November 1864 attack on perhaps 150 Cheyenne living on the reservation at Sand Creek, waving an American flag.

Then if there happens to be a Quanah Converse Yellow Low Cut Parker among the Taliban, a man who has the respect of his people and the courage to seize the future, then we might find peace.

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Indian survivors of that attack were part of the village George Armstrong Custer wiped out in the Lodge Pole Massacre four years later.

It seems we are about to end another adventure in Afghanistan. President Obama wants to bring the troops home by the end of next year. I am not optimistic the Karzai government will be able to survive. Some sort of compromise with the Taliban seems possible and perhaps even desirable. Our experience with the Comanche indicates this may be our best hope.

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Every time I hear someone spout off that we should seek revenge on any Muslim within range for terrorist acts like 9/11 or the Boston Marathon, I am reminded of that story.

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What ended the Comanche wars about a year before the Little Big Horn Massacre was Converse High Tops Light Grey

The greatest Comanche war chief became the leader of peace. Mackenzie sent Quanah Parker a message calling on him to surrender. In June, 1875 Parker led his band into Fort Sill.

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The drone campaign against Taliban leaders bears some of the earmarks of Mackenzie's relentless efforts against the Comanche. If we are to prevail, we must continue to apply pressure, deny the enemy rest, and destroy them at every turn.

Parker, the son of white captive Cynthia Ann Parker and famous war chief Peta Nocona, became a successful businessman, building a large house outside Ft. Sill.

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Gwynne describes the rise of the Comanche to become the dominant tribe of the Southern and Central Plains. We may have heard more about Converse Brown High Tops

the Apaches or the Sioux, but Gwynne tells us the Comanche kicked their butts, at every turn.

The Comanche were savage predators who roamed the plains hunting buffalo, murdering, raping, stealing horses and taking captives. They did this to other Indians. In the white settlers, the Comanche saw only fresh targets.

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Unfortunately, in the history of the West, the Ranger attack on the Cherokee is not an isolated story.

Gen. Ranald Slidell Mackenzie pursued the Comanche for four years, despite defeat and privation, executing William T. Sherman's policy to destroy the Indians in their villages. It's a policy that today we would call genocide. It was during this period the great buffalo herds Indians depended on for food and shelter were almost wiped out by hunters interested only Converse Shoes Pink

´╗┐graveyards and the Comanche

It was about this same time, the middle years of the 19th Century, the British Empire ran its wagon up on a stump called Afghanistan.

I should warn you that if you think Gwynne wastes 384 pages on bashing the white man, you are very much mistaken.

in hides.

a combination of military perseverance and diplomacy.

The Rangers, according to Gwynne, immediately rode east and attacked the Cherokee peacefully farming near Nacogdoches. Fort Sherman in Titus County may have been constructed as part of that campaign as the Rangers drove the Cherokee and any other Indians they could find toward Oklahoma.

Gwynne tells the story in his fascinating account of the Plains Indian wars, "Empire of the Summer Moon," of how Lamar organized the Texas Rangers to deal with the problem.

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