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They call those people all of us, really the stakeholders.

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Last summer, she explained, the city of Huntsville's Green Team, the Alabama Converse Ballet Lace Black

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama Next time you eat a tomato, think about where it's been.

´╗┐Group aims to form food council with simple motto

Did it travel cross country in a crowded truck? Sneakers Converse Women

"We really believe everyone has a stake in the local food system," said Kathryn Strickland.

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Strickland is community food security director of the Food Bank of North Alabama on Vernon Avenue.

"The goal this year is educating the public about the local food system," she said. Food policy council organizers have three goals: education; a platform for stakeholders to share information; and working toward advising on matters like transportation routes or legislation.

A group organizing in North Alabama hopes to get the public thinking about such things among many, many others when it comes to our food.

Was it shipped green in hope it would ripen in time? Was it bathed in some unpronounceable pesticide?

(The Huntsville Times/Robin Conn)

Or did it come from a friendly area farmer? Better yet, your own organic garden?

When you talk to her about the food policy seed group's long range plan you realize she's Converse For Girls Low Top Blue

It sounds a little lofty but their main goal is very basic: support local food.

"This is a grassroots, all volunteer effort," she said. Anyone who wants to participate can come to meetings or just support food related events like Huntsville Botanical Garden's Green U.

The effort to start a North Alabama Food Policy Council began about three years ago. The pace is more crockpot than microwave, but local volunteers Men Converse have a steering committee to coordinate efforts.

Sustainable Agriculture Network and the Food Bank held public meetings to see if there was interest in forming a food policy council. Strickland said there are more than 100 nationwide and more all the time.

extremely well versed in ins and outs of the food chain. She has practical experience helping the Food Bank ship endless cartons of goods to more than 100,000 people a year in 11 North Alabama counties. The warehouse at the Food Bank buzzes with activity as she sits down for an interview.

Men Converse

Men Converse

Who wouldn't want to get behind that?

Men Converse

Men Converse

First is improving communication among those with an interest in food a big list that includes restaurateurs, farmers, distributors, educators and people who just like to eat. Others might be consumers who want to know how their food was grown; hunger relief organizations; farmers who want to stay in business; grocery stores; people looking to eat healthier the list goes on and on.

Men Converse

The group's motto is "Buy local, grow jobs. eat fresh, be healthy."

Men Converse

Men Converse

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