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Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap

´╗┐Grand Parkway Baptist Church

I left. They each told me that they missed our conversations and began attending church to learn more. Since that time, four former team members have accepted Christ.

Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap

While I was at this organization, a gentleman who rejected his faith, started attending church and was baptized. I kept in touch Converse Shoes Men Fashion

A workplace missionary is simply making conversations intentional and demonstrating your faith by caring and listening. Evangelism is not a standard speech or rehearsed program, you basically tell why Jesus Christ is important to you and what he has done for you.

Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap

Almost immediately upon accepting Christ, I had the passion and desire to tell and teach others about Christ. This stems from the fact that it took me 36 years before anyone shared the Gospel with me. I had worked and become friends with people who stated they were Christians, but they never shared the Gospel. They instead would tell me "I will pray for you", "You should read the Bible", or "You should go to church". I thought these were means to discover truths regarding right versus wrong and developing moral aptitude. No one shared the perfect love of a Christ who died for His imperfect sinful people.

and money. I believed these things were needed for happiness and were the definition of success.

I became a father of two wonderful boys, Tyler and Connor. However, soon after their births the marriage began to dissolve and the tower built on power, position and money began to collapse. I found myself a desperate single father striving to raise two boys. I was angry, self centered and bitter towards everyone. Emotionally, I was cold and hard.

It is surprisingly very easy to engage people in conversation which leads to Christ. An example: Every Monday, people ask "What did you do this weekend?" or "How was your weekend?" I use this opportunity to talk about something I learned at church. It could be an interesting sermon, someone I helped, someone I met, or someone I talked to. This typically leads to a discussion of church, Christ or opinions on the topic. People don't want to hear you preach or feel judged. It is about asking questions about their views and engaging in conversation. Each conversation is a teachable moment.

However, these difficult times eventually led me to seek Christ as my Lord and Savior. The most amazing thing was how the Lord transformed me. Instead of cold and hard, I became caring and compassionate. Instead of self centered, I became Christ centered. I was no longer angry and bitter but people came to know me for always smiling.

After returning from a mission trip a couple of years ago, I desired the same intensity and Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap focus I had experienced on the mission field in my everyday life. I had shared Christ with others in the past and I was known for my involvement in church and mission. However, work and missions were two separate activities. Work was the source of income which allowed me to do ministry and missions. I did not view work as my ministry. I changed my focus and now feel that God has placed me in the workplace to minister to others and to glorify Him.

Jesus commands in Matthew 28:19 to "Go make disciples" In order to make disciples, we must tell them about the Gospel and teach them about God. We are all called to be missionaries.

One of the most memorable workplace experiences involved me accepting a position with an organization in which I felt God wanted me to be. I had heard rumors about the difficult work environment. However, I did not realize how dark and oppressive until my first week. People were not allowed to have personal conversation with other employees, employees were written up for being a minute late, and many more issues. Every employee in my department had already been written up twice for some issue and would be terminated if they received a third. This was standard operating procedure for the management in order to control and intimidate.

Mission trips are a great passion of mine. Serving on the mission field allows you to serve Christ with complete abandonment and for God to use you completely. Every day is completely focused on Christ and the ministry to people around you. You never know how the Lord is going to use you, but you make yourself available and operate on faith. Your faith and skills are stretched.

I'm a Workplace Missionary. Ok, I'm an accountant but the title of Workplace Missionary seems to capture my passion and desire to minister to others and share the Gospel.

Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap

In today's workplace, we are often worried about offending others or afraid we will be fired for sharing our faith. You don't have to walk around quoting scripture, judging others or pointing out sins. 50% of the workplace conversations are about personal topics: kids, spouse, sports, activities, hobbies, etc. We demonstrate how our passion for these things by sharing our experiences and accomplishments to those around us. However, we rarely share our passion and experiences of what Christ has done or is doing in our lives.

My team consisted of a very diverse group of individuals with different religious backgrounds. I learned very quickly that these people wanted to talk. They wanted to voice concerns about work but mainly wanted to talk about their personal life. I began having monthly lunches for the team and weekly individual lunches with team members. I was able to ask about their personal struggles and their personal life. These discussions allowed me to share my faith and my strength in Christ.

Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap

Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap

Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap

Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap

with the other team members after Converse Black High Tops Style

Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap

I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Finance. I moved to Houston, got married, and began my career as an accountant in the corporate world. I began my relentless pursuit of power, position, Converse Brown Sneakers

Since accepting Christ, I have had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in many different ministries and missions either at other churches or Grand Parkway Baptist Church. This involvement is based on my love for the universal church, a heart to serve, and desire to share Christ. Prior to coming to Grand Parkway, I worked with inter city youth, children and began a single parent ministry. At Grand Parkway, I am currently involved in missions, First Impression Team, Growth Groups and other various ministries and service opportunities.

Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap

Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap

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