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Womens Converse Hi Tops Red

Womens Converse Hi Tops Red

Womens Converse Hi Tops Red

Womens Converse Hi Tops Red

Greg added: "I think what attracts a lot of customers who come from further away is my range of new vinyl. For example I stock quite a lot of psychedelic rock bands like Porcupine Tree, whose records are harder to find."

Greg, 56, said: "In the past three years I've seen a lot more younger customers come through the door to look for both classics and new releases."

Vinyl collectors now not only look at older records but at new limited edition vinyls which are being released constantly.

He said: "I often get asked about the rarest second hand vinyl I've had come through the store and it was probably a Vashti Bunyan record which I sold for about 700. If a vinyl is in good condition, the prices tend to increase. I look at the new releases and I know that in two to three years time the price will double. Most of the new vinyls are limited edition so they'll definitely be the collectors' items of the future."

While people search for the likes of The Beatles and Pink Floyd vinyls, Greg predicts that the new releases will rocket in value in the years to come.

Womens Converse Hi Tops Red

likes of Manchester and Liverpool to come to the store. The furthest someone has travelled from is Portsmouth."

However, despite the digital age of iTunes and Spotify, this treasure trove of musical magic tells a very different story.

Last year the three top selling vinyls were The xx's Coexist, David Bowie's The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust (re issue) and Jack White's Blunderbuss, all of which came out in 2012.

Well, it's largely down to the resurgence in vinyl LPs and that old business buzzword 'a unique selling point'.

´╗┐Greg's record of success at Kaleidoscope From St Helens Star

drives on at a relentless pace it continues to thrive in its old school ways. Rows of carefully sourced gems to feast your eyes and hands on line the store. A quick browse through the boxes and you will no doubt find something interesting.

Womens Converse Hi Tops Red

Greg continued: "We get people travelling from the Pink Converse High Tops Size 3

So just why is this little solo store going strong while many other big name chains that have gone to the grave in recent decades?

ever growing market by providing affordable new and used vinyl to customers from St Helens but also draws in visitors from further afield.

Womens Converse Hi Tops Red

With digital downloads of music, games and films topping the 1 billion mark last year, you might have thought the traditional record store was as dead as the proverbial dodo .

It is Womens Converse Hi Tops Red not only some of the vinyls that are rare. Independent stores such as Kaleidoscope are difficult to come by and see collectors travelling from far and wide to visit them.

As the Star flicked through LP covers looking to uncover a hidden jewel, owner Greg Duggins explained how the increase in popularity of vinyl has helped him expand his business.

Kaleidoscope has been a fixture here for nearly 25 years and while technology Converse Shoes For Girls 2018 With Price

This year as an interesting counterbalance to the head spinning digital download figures and drop in CD sales the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) announced that the sale of vinyl LPs had grown for the fifth year in a row. And the resurgence of seven and 12 inch disks is encouraging collectors to pay top dollar for the latest releases. Kaleidoscope has been thriving in the Converse Jack Purcell Leather High Top

Womens Converse Hi Tops Red

Womens Converse Hi Tops Red

Womens Converse Hi Tops Red

Womens Converse Hi Tops Red

Womens Converse Hi Tops Red

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